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Vertical Fill,Seal Machine (volumetric filler)

Vertical Fill,Seal Machine (volumetric filler)

Vertical packaging machines suitable to make bags starting from a flat foil reel, combined with volumetric dosers with adjustable telescopic cups with flap. Suitable to pack granular products (snacks, short pasta, legumes, rice, dried fruit, candies, cereals, pet food, etc.)

Machine Features:

  • Our pneumatic VFFS machine are pneumatic collar type (volumetric) VFFS machine.
  • Product Range : Powders (free¬†flowing), granules, pulses, beans, tea, coffee, sugar and rice.
  • Filling Range : From¬†100 gms to 2000 gms depending upon bulk density of products
  • Output : Up to 60 packs per minute, depending on product flow properties and pack size.
  • Pack Size :
  • Width from 60 mm to 220 mm
  • Length from 60 mm to 350 mm
  • Operating the machine has been eased with PLC system and touch screens.
  • Compatible with various filling system.
  • Simple and user friendly machine.
  • Low maintenance and low operating cost.
  • Barcode and expiration date print equipment
  • Indication of set temperature and actual temperature of sealing surfaces
  • Filler options: Volumetric cup