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Sachet 4- Side Sealing Machine (granular)

Sachet 4- Side Sealing Machine (granular)

RFM104 Sachet Machine

RM104 Sachet machine is operated by volumetric system for free-flowing product. It is possible to use that machine for sugar, salt, silica gel, sweeteners, granular coffee, black pepper etc. in the industries such as pharmacy, food, agricultural and chemicals.

RFM104 Sachet machine is manufactured using high standards and is user-friendly. It allows you to offer a wide range of options to your customers. The options for RFM 104 sachet machine are unlimited, individual solutions can be produced easily.

Omron/Siemens (PLC) is used in all sachet packing machines that we produce, which facilitates the change of setting. During production, adjustments are made using a touch panel to achieve different package sizes.

Sachet packaging machine offers long-term, high-performance and compact solutions. In addition, reliable weight control during packaging results in less product loss and is easy to use and clean.

Application & Bag type

RFM104 fully automatic granul sachet machine for filling and sealing. It is applicable for packing powder and granular materials such as sugar, salt, silica jel, etc, in the industries of pharmacy, food, and agricultural chemicals.

RFM 104 Sachet Machine Features:

  • Optimal combination of mechanical and pneumatic system in the main mechanism of the machine enables perfect result with low energy and air consumption
  • Remote controls such as bag length and adjustment, photocell remote, heat and filling timing, etc. are designed in easily accessible positions on the control panel
  • Operating the machine has been eased with PLC system and touch screens
  • Printed sachet size setting with photocell system or manual if required
  • The temperature can be controlled independently; it is suitable for any kind of packing quality
  • Compatible with various filling system
  • Simple and user friendly machine
  • Low maintenance and low operating cost
  • Barcode and expiration date print equipment
  • Sealing mode: two or four-side sealing


Machine Specifications

Sachet width min: 25 mm /max: 150 (*)
Sachet Length min: 30mm/ max: 170 (*)
Gram Range min: 2 gr to 50 gr (*)
Capacity 35 -150 sachet/min
Electrical Data 2 KW/h
Power consumption 3×380 Volt, three-phased
Air requirement 250 lt /min 6 bar
Packing Metarial All laminated type
Max. reel diameter 370 mm
Core Diameter 76 mm

(*) marked adjustable

(*)We reserve the right to introduce technical modifications without previous notice.

  • Secrew Elevator for automatic continuous feeding.
  • Product counter and b-sperator discharge conveyor
  • Special pattern notch unit
  • Line notch unit
  • Date, serial number coding group


Advantage of Sachet Machine

Sachet packaging machines are basically form-fill-seal machines.The form fill seal machines market is expected to grow at a faster rate among other machineries such as bagging and filling machines. There are two types ofsachet packaging machines- vertical form-fill-seal machines and horizontal form-fill-seal machines. Horizontal sachet packaging machines are generally used for the packaging of solid materials, whereas vertical sachet packaging machines are used for solid, liquid, and granulated products.

The market for vertical sachet packaging machines is expected to grow at ahigh CAGR owing to the smaller carbon foot-print as compared to horizontal sachet packaging machines, easy-to-use features such as improved film sealing technology and material handling techniques and reduced number of operations, and lower cost packaging solution. With the ability of handling both solid andliquid products, vertical sachet packaging machines are projected to grow in market size at a faster rate than horizontal sachet packaging machines.


How long is the Reform Waranty?
We manufacture our machines in CE standard necessary for obtaining all food certificates. We provide long life and reliable machines, with minimum energy consumption, 2 years warranty and easy supply of spare parts.

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