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Sachet 4- Side Sealing Machine (powder)

Sachet 4- Side Sealing Machine (powder)

The RFM 104 D is a Multi Lane sachet packaging machine with option of 2 to 6 sachet lanes for packing powders, liquids and pastes in 3 or/and 4 side sealed sachets.

Machine Features:
  • Optimal combination of mechanical and pneumatic system in the main mechanism of the machine enables perfect result with low energy and air consumption
  • Remote controls such as bag length and adjustment, photocell remote, heat and filling timing, etc. are designed in easily accessible positions on the control panel
  • Operating the machine has been eased with PLC system and touch screens
  • Printed sachet size setting with photocell system or manual if required
  • The temperature can be controlled independently; it is suitable for any kind of packing quality
  • Compatible with various filling system
  • Simple and user friendly machine
  • Low maintenance and low operating cost
  • Barcode and expiration date print equipment
  • Sealing mode: two or four-side sealing

Optional Equipment:

  • Secrew Elevator for automatic continious feeding.
  • Product counter and stacking belt conveyor
  • Special pattern notch unit
  • Line notch unit
  • Extra Filling Line
  • Date, serial number coding group – hot print
  • Date, serial number coding group – cold print