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Vertical Stickpack Machine

Stickpack packaging machine designed to package free flowing powders / granules, liquids, creams or pastes products.

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RFM105 S Suitable for powder product
RFM102S Suitable for liquid product, such as juice, olive oil, ketchup,mayonnaise, , etc.
RFM101S suitable for granular product such sugar and salt, etc.
RFM104S Suitable for powder product such milk powder, sugar powder, 3 in 1 etc.

Reformpack is one of the leading manufacturers of stick packaging machines. Our experience and expertise stand out with customized production solutions.

The options for Stick pack Machines are unlimited, individual solutions can be produced easily.With Stick pack machine you can produce stylish  and disposable stick packs of products such as sugar, salt, coffee, pepper,  kethup, honey ,etc.

Our  Stick pack Machines  are available in various lengths and widths, providing you with a variety of options and sizes to produce for different purposes.

RFM Stick pack Machine offers long-term, high-performance and compact solutions. In addition, reliable weight control during packaging results in less product loss and is easy to use and clean.

We manufacture our machines in CE standard necessary for obtaining all food certificates. We provide long life and reliable machines, with minimum energy consumption, 2 years warranty and easy supply of spare parts.