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Coffee packaging machine


Coffee packaging machine

Coffee has become a common drink for everyone in today’s world. In fact, the story of the first discovery of coffee is quite interesting. Coffee, discovered in Ethiopia after some of the goats ‘ food in the mountains made them more agile, spread all over the world after the 13th century. New ideas were needed for coffee to be loved and stored for a long time after it spread around the world with dizzying speed. The coffee packaging machine is one of these needs and has become an important invention for the further spread of coffee. You can learn about the coffee packaging machines produced with the quality and assurance of Reformpack in our article.

What Is the Benefit of Coffee Packaging Machines?

The industry is shaped according to market needs. Today, there is a need for packaged coffee in different sizes and volumes for different needs. You can produce takeaway coffees according to the needs of the market and obtain a coffee packaging machine to generate high income. Although the price of coffee packaging machine may vary, the proceeds will satisfy you.

From the point of view of the users, the benefits of coffee packaging machines are not limited. The most basic benefits are that coffee is stored fresher and can be drank more hygienic. Other benefits include long-term storage, ease of use, and affordable packages that can be bought by anyone.

What Are the Types of Coffee Packaging Machines?

Coffee is produced in different forms to suit people’s tastes. The types of coffee packaging machines are also produced in accordance with the forms of coffee. For example, the Screw filling System is used for Turkish coffee in powder form, which is generally preferred in countries such as Turkey. Screw filling packaging machine is used not only for Turkish coffee but also for classic ready-made coffees produced by various world brands that are produced in powder form. This product is also known as a small powder filling machine.

Another type of coffee packaging machine is granular coffee packaging machines. Granulated coffees, as applied in powdered coffees, are at risk of breaking down and losing their properties if passed through the screws. For this reason, the types of coffee packaging machines that can be packed by the weighing method or volumetric filling method are used.

In short, it can be said that screw or volumetric coffee packaging machines are used for the packaging of granular coffee and powdered coffee varieties. The general name of the packaging machines of these coffees, which are usually prepared in small packages as a single drink, is known as the stick coffee packaging machine. Stick coffees are generally accepted all over the world with a weight of 18gr and a package width of 35mm. Reformpack coffee packaging machine varieties are also designed accordingly.

In addition to single-drink packaging of powdered and granulated coffees, both these coffee varieties and coffee beans also need to be packaged in larger weights. Vertical filling and packaging machines are designed for the packaging of large-volume products of this type. This type of coffee packaging machine can be produced in different volumes of packaging according to customer demand. You can find detailed information about these machines that can pack up to 60 coffees per minute on our website.

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What Should Be the Expectations from A Coffee Packing Machine?

The first thing that comes to mind when deciding to buy a coffee packaging machine is usually the price of the machine. The cost of coffee packaging machine can vary according to the quality, characteristics, and origin of the product. Reformpack, which has proven its maturity in the field of coffee packaging machine and has made its name public with its references, is competitive in quality. The best quality and convenient coffee packaging machine will be offered to you with the best price guarantee.

Another important issue in making purchasing decisions is the correct communication with the customer in the after-sales process as well as the correct consultancy and technical assistance provided when purchasing the product. With its corporate identity, Reformpack puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of the after-sales process. When designing our machines, human health is also taken into consideration and important designs are made in terms of both hygiene and Occupational Safety.

If you are going to buy a coffee packaging machine or any other sachet pack machine, do not make your decision until you meet with Reformpack. As a well-established and corporate company, we can meet all your demands in short periods. It would be in your best interest to consult us when buying any kind of coffee packaging machine. Give us a call, we’ll be your help to make the right decision.…

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