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Spare Parts

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Spares parts maintain the quality and value of your packaging equipment. Reform spare parts are of top quality, 100% examined and made as per specific requirements. This is applicable also to electrical, electronic and air-driven pneumatic as well as to other spare parts.

When you need alternative parts for your packaging machines, you anticipate top quality, quick turn-around, and the best value. Therefore we endeavor to provide you with original spares when you need it without you being required to purchase significant extra parts stock – for the newest machines as well as for your older machines.

We usually recommend you to keep mainly stock of consumable wear and tear parts and a small inventory of easy to exchange parts for immediate replacement.

Reform also offers repair & renovation for high costly can easily return your parts like sealing rollers, servo motors, servo controller etc… in order to offer you a complete repair of the components.

In order to preserve the safety and quality of your machine, avoid using parts provided by sub-industry whose quality and origin may not be appropriate instead of “original parts.” Although it might be thought that buying unoriginal parts is cost-efficient at the beginning, such parts might lead to irrecoverable risks and great expenses at later stages.

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